Management of Your Efforts

Every digital media platform should be part of an overarching effort, beyond simply sharing information. Let the following guide you in these efforts:

Identify the purpose – Your creation of any site or engagement on any site should have an identified purpose. The information you provide should be unique and specifically support the stated objectives of your group. Strive to be a valuable resource to your audience by providing important information not easily obtainable elsewhere.

Have a plan – Creating an online presence takes time and dedication. Make sure you have a plan and follow it for the most effective use of your time and to achieve your objectives.

Stay up to date - These guidelines will change from time to time as new technology is utilized and best practices are determined.

Designate responsibilities – Social platforms open a portal for others to communicate with you. You must be prepared to respond to these posts as well as proactively engage with your audience to maximize the impact of your online efforts. Each social site, page or account for your group should have a member of your department, organization or college designated as a manager/administrator, as well as a succession plan should that person leave. These responsibilities should be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure adequate coverage. Inactive accounts or sites can have a detrimental impact on your group’s efforts and image. They should be removed immediately.

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