Frequently Asked Questions - International

International Students

OSUIT's Admissions Office would like to answer your questions about the admissions process at OSUIT, our program requirements, and what it’s like to live in Okmulgee on a student visa. Our team is committed to providing each applicant with the information he or she needs during the admissions process and this section addresses some of our most frequently asked questions we receive. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, please contact us.

How do I apply?

There are two methods available for international applicants who seek admission to OSUIT.

  1. Apply Online- One of the quickest ways to submit an international student application is to carefully set up an account on the OSUIT website. Upon submission of your electronic application, International Student Services will review the information you’ve entered and contact you with a request for more documentation in addition to the online content you provide. Start your online application or click the “APPLY NOW” link in the top right-hand side of this page.
  2. Paper Application- If you would like to complete our paper application, please download the 6-page form, answer all sections, and return it to us at You may also send the original application to us by airmail at: International Student Services, Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, 1801 East 4th Street, Okmulgee, OK 74447-3901, USA. Access the paper application.[PDF Document]


Is there an application fee?

No, OSUIT does NOT charge an application fee. All applications will be reviewed at no cost to the student.


When are the application deadlines?

OSUIT’s academic year operates on a 12-month cycle including three full 16-week terms. International Student Services accepts applications from abroad according to the following deadline sequence: Fall start document submission deadline- July 1, Spring start document submission deadline- November 1, Summer start document submission deadline-March 1. Please note submitting your application earlier than the deadline is highly recommended and encouraged in order to ensure sufficient time for your visa interview and travel.

Transfer students who are already present in the United States as an F-1 visa international student, must submit an application within the approved end of program/OPT grace period, break, or minimum 1-week prior to the OSUIT program start date, whichever comes first.


Do you offer graduate programs at OSUIT?

No. Students who attend OSUIT can complete an Associate in Science, an Associate in Applied Science, or one of our three Bachelor of Technology degree programs. Students who desire admission to a graduate program at Oklahoma State University must contact the main campus in Stillwater. For more info access the OSU Graduate College website.


Once admitted, what will I receive from OSUIT International Student Services?

If your application is complete, verified, and approved, students can expect the following from OSUIT: A letter of admission, SEVIS Form I-20, I-901 SEVIS fee payment instructions, information on the F-1 visa interview, U.S. Port of Entry procedures, an OSUIT Residential Life Room and Board contract, and OSUIT’s airport pickup and transportation policy.


Does OSUIT offer conditional admission?

Yes, OSUIT can give applicants a letter of conditional admission. “Conditional admission” means the student is accepted to attend OSUIT as soon as he or she completes the conditions (ie. Taking TOEFL). We will not provide documentation for the visa, or finalize a transfer, until all requirements are completed.


Will OSUIT give me a visa?

You will need an F-1 Student visa to study in the USA. The U.S. government issues student visas. A school cannot give visas but does provide a very important document called an I-20. OSUIT is approved by the US government to enable student visa applications. When a student is admitted, OSUIT will provide the required I-20 document. Then the student must apply directly to the US embassy (preferably in his or her home country) to receive the visa. The process is as follows:

  1. Student is admitted to OSUIT
  2. OSUIT creates a form I-20 for the student
  3. The student pays a fee to the US government (called a SEVIS fee – currently $200)
  4. The student submits Form DS-160 to the US embassy or consulate
  5. The student schedules a visa appointment with a US embassy or consulate
  6. The student attends the visa interview and brings required documentation
  7. The US government officer makes a decision whether to give the student a visa

The I-20 form is required before you can apply for a visa. You have to be admitted to OSUIT and provide financial certification before OSUIT is allowed to issue an I-20 document.


How much does it cost to attend OSUIT as an international student?

Costs of tuition & fees, dormitory, and cafeteria meals are currently estimated at $27,908 USD. Please note that one year at OSUIT is THREE 16-week trimesters. At OSUIT, classes continue all year long. A Bachelor of Technology can be completed in THREE YEARS of full time study. An Associate in Applied Science can be completed in TWO YEARS of full time study. Students qualify for a break only after one full academic year of study and must be approved by their program’s academic advisor.


Tuition is charged per credit hour. What is a credit hour and how do I estimate my tuition?

In the USA, courses are measured by “credit hour”. A credit hour represents 1 hour of instruction per week for an entire trimester (16 weeks at OSUIT). Most courses are 3 credit hours, meaning that the student will go to class 3 hours each week and earn 3 university credits. For example, the U.S. History class might meet from 9:00-9:50am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to equal 3 hours of class (10 min break is included).

The number of credit hours a student takes in a trimester is called the “course load”. International students are required by US immigration law to enroll in at least 12 credit hours per trimester. This means the student will go to class at least 12 hours each week, most likely divided between 4 courses of 3 credit hours each. The most common course load is 12 to 16 credit hours, although it is possible to take up to 19. At OSUIT special permission is required to enroll in 20-22 credit hours in a trimester.

To estimate your total tuition & fees at any university, multiply the cost per credit hour by 12. This is your minimum tuition. Multiply the cost per credit hour by 15-19 to estimate possible maximum tuition & fees.


When do I pay for tuition?

All students have a Bursar account. The account shows all charges the student is assessed each trimester. The total amount of tuition, fees, room, board, and textbooks (if applicable) is billed each trimester after the student enrolls. In order to avoid same-day de-enrollment, the cost of attendance must either be paid in full or the student must work with the OSUIT Bursar's office to set up a payment plan and pay a deposit amount on the day of enrollment. However, a 1% monthly service charge will be assessed to your unpaid balance beginning the 15th of the second month you are in school. Accounts must be paid in full to enroll in subsequent trimesters. Transcript and enrollment holds will be placed on all student accounts with outstanding balances.


How do I make payments to OSUIT from my home country?

OSUIT has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to provide international students and their families a fast, easy, and affordable way to pay education costs online and in their own currency. This service allows you to pay locally from your home bank, saving you money on exchange rates and bank fees. Funds are credited directly to your bursar account in dollars in as few as 2 business days.

Simply complete the process online, print the PDF generated by the site, and take it to your bank to initiate the payment. Your bank will then process your payment to OSUIT through Western Union Business Solutions.

You do not submit any of your bank information online. Only the student name, contact info, and OSUIT Student ID # is needed to identify the student’s account to be credited. Western Union will generate a currency conversion quote and reference transaction number on the PDF payment form. The form is not effective unless you present it to your bank.

The currency conversion will be done by Western Union and the final total payment will be quoted in your own currency. If your country or currency is not available, choose “any other country (USD)”. In this case your own bank will convert the currency to send the correct total US dollars. (your bank may charge a fee for exchange services)

Additional information available from Western Union Business Solutions.


Are there other ways to make payments to OSUIT?

Prior to a student’s arrival in the USA, payments from an international location must be made using Western Union Business Solutions. Sponsors based in the USA can make payments on the student’s behalf with a check drawn on a US bank. Credit card payments are no longer accepted unless using MasterCard, Discover and American Express through the Parent/Guest Payment method in Web 4 Students. Please note a 2.75% or $3.00 minimum convenience fee will be added to all credit card payments through Web 4 Students.

After a student’s arrival in the USA, payments from international sponsors can still be made using Western Union Business Solutions. The student can also open a US bank account and make payment by check (funds from abroad can be wired directly to the student’s personal account). After a student enrolls, the student or sponsor can make payment online using a credit card through OSUIT’s Web for Students Portal (this option is only offered to currently enrolled students).


Does OSUIT accept payments by international wire transfer?

No. OSUIT uses Western Union Business Services to process payments from international locations. OSUIT cannot accept international wire transfers. Please see “How do I make payments to OSUIT from my home country?”


Does OSUIT offer any scholarships to international students?

Yes.  OSUIT offers a partial scholarship (tuition waiver) for international students, lowering tuition costs by $500 USD each term. This competitive financial aid can be granted to new international student applicants who provide required documentation prior to the submission deadline and who become selected by the international tuition waiver committee. Students receiving the tuition waver will be notified of the award prior to the first day of his or her program start date.

Click here to get the tuition waiver scholarship application and instructions.[PDF Document]


What is a tuition waiver? Why not a scholarship?

A tuition waiver is a discount off the regular price of tuition. A scholarship is money that is given to a student or deposited in the student’s account to help pay tuition. From the student’s perspective, the benefit is the same. From the school’s perspective, the source of funding is different.


Can I work while I’m at OSUIT?

International students are eligible for immediate part-time on-campus employment as long as they are enrolled their program full time. International student work-study positions are competitive and can only be applied for upon arrival to campus and beginning after the program start date.

International students might find it interesting to know that all of OSUIT’s Bachelor of Technology and Associate in Applied Science programs include internships. If an internship is part of the study program, the student will gain work experience with an employer. International students are eligible to receive payment from their internship employer, however, authorization must first be obtained through International Student Services before the first day on the job. International students must meet the one academic year physical presence requirement before part-time off-campus employment authorization can be considered in the form of Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

After graduating, it is also possible for international students to apply for a post-graduation full-time internship of one year. Students in STEM fields who complete a bachelor degree program can apply to extend their work authorization for an additional 24 months, totaling 36 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT).


I plan to bring a spouse and/or children (dependents). Can we live on campus?

If you will be coming with your family you will be eligible for family housing and you will not be required to purchase a cafeteria meal plan.

If you are bringing dependents, your financial certification documents must include $6500 per year for the first dependent and an additional $5000 per year for each additional dependent. You might not spend that much but you must have that amount available in your bank account for admission and visa purposes. You are only required to show financial resources for ONE YEAR. However, you are encouraged to think about your total future costs to be sure you can complete the program.


Do I need to buy health or medical insurance?

Yes. Insurance is automatically billed to your account during the fall and spring terms and covers the full calendar year. Students who begin a program at OSUIT during the summer term are billed a prorated charge to cover the summer trimester for the first summer of attendance. OSUIT has joined the OSU system in providing you with the best protection possible for your health and to ensure that you as a non-immigrant are in compliance with the criteria of the U.S. government’s Affordable Care Act. The Oklahoma State University System’s 2017-2018 Student Health Insurance Plan is managed by United Healthcare Student Resources.


I have already taken college or university courses. Can I get transfer credit or advanced standing placement for those courses?

Yes, there is a process to request transfer credit or advanced placement.; OSUIT requires BOTH original transcripts from the student’s previous school AND an official transcript evaluation from an approved agency such as WES or ECE (When requesting a transcript evaluation, students should choose “course-by-course” service). These materials must be reviewed by the OSUIT registrar and by the related OSUIT academic department. OSUIT may request additional information such as course syllabus and course descriptions. If the content, difficulty, amount of instruction, and final grade are considered equivalent to an OSUIT course, transfer credit will be granted. OSUIT cannot guarantee that students who request transfer credit will receive it. The OSUIT registrar authorizes the final decision based on the review process as described above.

OSUIT programs balance theoretical knowledge with applied skills knowledge or “hands-on” learning. Applicants with prior studies at an equivalent academic level in their home country should make note of this skill-centered distinction as a potential talking point during an F-1 visa interview assuming admission is eventually granted.


What is a transcript evaluation and how do I know if I need it?

A transcript evaluation is ONLY required if the student is applying for a tuition waiver (scholarship) or transfer credit. A transcript evaluation is NOT required for admission to OSUIT.

A transcript evaluation can be done for both high school (secondary) and college/university (post-secondary) courses. The evaluation is done by a third party agency that is an expert on education systems in many countries. The evaluator can explain how education in a specific country compares to education in the US. The agency evaluates a student’s transcript and prepares a report that shows how the student’s courses in his or her home country compare with American university courses. The evaluator will consider the course content, difficulty, time spent in class and other aspects. The report will also convert the student’s final scores or grades to the US GPA system.

If a transcript evaluation is required, the student must apply to the agency directly and pay the costs of the service. The student should request that an original report be sent to OSUIT and should provide the mailing address of the OSUIT international office.

OSUIT recommends WES and ECE for transcript evaluation agencies. WES stands for World Education Services and the website is ECE stands for Educational Credential Evaluators and the website is

If you prefer to use a different agency, please contact International Student Services to check if the agency is approved.


I want to apply to OSUIT but I have not yet finished high school. My documents are not available yet. Should I apply now or wait?

Apply now. It is always best to start early, even if we have to wait for some documents. You can provide us with your final high school transcript or results as soon as it becomes available.


Does OSUIT Require the SAT or ACT test?

No, international students are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission. OSUIT has a free placement test called ACCUplacer which all students must take prior to enrollment. International students will take the assessment when they arrive at OSUIT. The ACCUplacer covers math, reading, and writing. If the student scores especially high, the student can establish proficiency and bypass required credit classes such as College Algebra and English Composition. If the student does not earn passing scores in any area, OSUIT provides courses that will help the student improve and prepare the student for success in future college coursework. Admitted students are encouraged to review and practice for the ACCUplacer, especially in the reading area. Information and practice questions are available at


What English test scores do I need to be admitted to OSU Institute of Technology?

  • 61 TOEFL internet based
  • 500 TOEFL paper based
  • 5.5 IELTS


What is OSUIT’s TOEFL code for score reporting?

The TOEFL score reporting code for OSU Institute of Technology is 1192. If you enter this code when you take your exam, the score will be sent directly to us. Scores are no longer valid if the date of the test is greater than two years old.


My TOEFL or IELTS score is too low. Is there another way to establish my English proficiency?

Yes, you can attend an Intensive English Program (IEP) first. Please submit your application to OSUIT and we will be happy recommend an IEP. Students who attend an APPROVED Oklahoma Intensive English Program may be eligible for admission after only 12 weeks of English study. Please discuss your options with the OSUIT's International Student Services.


My native language is English. Do I need to provide TOEFL or IELTS Scores?

Foreign students who come from a country that uses English as the national language and who have completed high school in a program that was instructed in English, can establish English proficiency through the submission of transcripts from his or her institution of secondary education.


I'm currently in the United States, enrolled in a college program, and would like to transfer to OSUIT. Do I still need to provide TOEFL or IELTS Scores?

Applicants who have or will complete 24 transferable credit hours from an accredited college or university can satisfy the English proficiency requirement by submitting official transcripts to OSUIT's International Student Services. Any applicant who has graduated from an accredited U.S. high school, yet has less than 24 transferable college credits, may also establish English proficiency with the submission of transcripts from his or her institution of secondary education.


I am already studying English in Oklahoma. Do I have any special advantages for admission to OSUIT?

Yes, if you are studying English in Oklahoma we would love to meet you! You have the opportunity to visit our campus, meet faculty face-to-face, and really find out if OSUIT is right for you. Contact us and we can arrange an appointment for you at our campus or make a presentation at your English language school.

Also, if you are studying at an APPROVED Intensive English Program in the state of Oklahoma, you may be eligible for admission with a lower TOEFL or IELTS score. Please make sure your school is on this list (link to list). If your school is on the approved list, you may show English proficiency by the following process:

FIRST, take the TOEFL or IELTS and score at least:

  • TOEFL 48 interned based
  • TOEFL 460 paper based
  • IELTS 5.0

NEXT, successfully complete an APPROVED Intensive Language Program (IEP) for 12 weeks.

  • At least 8 weeks must be at an advanced level
  • the IEP must be APPROVED

To be admitted to OSUIT under this option, you MUST take the TOEFL exam BEFORE you begin an Approved IEP. You will NOT need to take the TOEFL again after completing the IEP.


I need to improve my English. Where do you recommend I study?

There are many good English language programs in Oklahoma. Some recommended options are

  • The Language Company in Edmond
  • ESL at Tulsa Community College in Tulsa

These programs are both APPROVED for OSUIT’s alternative English proficiency policy. OSUIT is happy to refer our applicants personally to these schools, just let us know if you would like a referral.

Let us know if you choose to study English in Oklahoma. We would love to meet you!


I want to complete a masters degree after I earn my bachelor degree at OSUIT. Can I do that?

OSUIT graduates are in high demand for employment after completing a Bachelor of Technology. Many of our graduates have job offers even before they graduate so most choose to go to work immediately after receiving valid work authorization. However, some students do seek higher degrees. There are many factors in acceptance to graduate school, so it’s hard to say what is most likely to lead to enrollment in a particular field of study. The best advice is to research masters or Phd programs and find out what they are looking for in their top candidates. OSUIT’s B.T. programs are very specific and it is important to look for higher degrees that are a good match to follow your OSUIT degree.


I have never been to the USA and I'm nervous about adjusting to a new culture. What advice do you have for me?

OSUIT's International Student Services has an orientation for newly arrived international students. Of course there are always challenges when you arrive in a new culture, but OSUIT’s small campus is a good place to start. If our international students need anything, whether opening a bank account or a ride to the shopping center or just someone to talk to about their new experiences, our staff is available. OSUIT also has a campus counselor with free services for students. One purpose of our Multicultural student club is to help new international students get connected to other students (both Americans and from other countries) and to support their adjustment to US college life.


Is OSUIT a safe campus?

OSUIT is a quiet campus in a traditional midwestern community. Students can focus on their studies and make close friends. There are school-sponsored clubs and activities for students to use their free time in good ways. International Student Services sponsors the Multicultural & International Student Association. The academic departments sponsor student clubs to provide extra-curricular activities related to those industries and majors. With only about 2,500 students on campus, teachers and staff know students personally and are able to support and encourage them individually. The campus environment is warm and friendly, and students know they can ask for help if they need it.