Paying for College

OSU Institute of Technology offers one of the highest quality technical educations in the region at an extremely affordable price.

The estimated cost per semester for a full-time student with 15 credit hours at OSUIT is $5,811.00 for in-state tuition and $8,666.00 for out-of-state tuition, those figures include tuition, fees, room and board, textbooks, and supplies.


Oklahoma resident

Out of state resident

Tuition & fees* $2,775.00 $5,630.00
Room & Board $2,436.00 $2,436.00
Books & Supplies $600.00 $600.00
Estimated cost per semester $5,811.00 $8,666.00

* Oklahoma resident tuition and fees are $185 per credit hour. Out of state resident tuition and fees are $372 ($185 + $187) per credit hour.

Additional fees and materials may be charged or required depending on the course or program.
See a more complete list of fees and a detailed breakdown of student housing rates and meal plans.

There are a variety of ways for students to cover the cost of higher education. OSU Institute of Technology’s Financial Services counselors provide future and current students with information and options when it comes to paying for college.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is any assistance that a student receives while attending college. This can be in the form of Federal Aid applied for with the FAFSA or gift aid such as tuition waivers or scholarships. For detailed information about financial aid available and how to qualify, contact the Student Financial Services Office.


Scholarships are available to students based on various criteria. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships before March 1st to be considered. Scholarship funding is available through both internal and external organizations. There are numerous websites available to assist in searching for the right scholarship. The FAFSA website is a good place to start a scholarship search along with Oklahoma’s own website for assistance in choosing a college. For information about scholarships available or the application process please contact Scholarship Services.

Tuition Waiver

Tuition waiver scholarships cover a portion of the tuition charges. These waivers can only be applied towards the Residential Tuition portion of the Tuition & Fees. Various tuition waivers are available from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, please contact Scholarship Services for more information.

Veteran Benefits

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology is proud to be among the colleges and universities listed as a Yellow Ribbon school. Our goal is to go beyond being a Military Friendly school and be a military committed college. Members of our staff are available to assist through the process from applying for benefits to transferring credits. Contact the Veteran Services office for more information.

Tribal Assistance

Many American Indian tribes assist students with scholarships while enrolled in college. We encourage everyone to check with their tribal office to determine eligibility for college assistance. A list of Oklahoma tribes can be found at